Recommended guidelines for PEX pipelines

Introduction PEX pipeline, or cross-linked polyethylene pipe, represents innovation and progress in piping systems. Through the use of crosslinked polyethylene material, and through the chemical crosslinking process, PEX pipe has made a great breakthrough in performance and application. Compared to traditional metal pipes, PEX pipes are not only lighter and softer, but also easier to […]

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PEX pipeline brief introduction

Introduction PEX piping, or cross-linked polyethylene piping, is an advanced piping system that provides a reliable and flexible solution for liquid transport applications such as water supply, heating and cooling through the ingenious construction of cross-linked polyethylene materials. Compared with traditional metal pipes, PEX pipeline have become an ideal substitute for more and more people

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What is a PEX pipeline

Introduction The PEX pipeline family occupies an important place in modern construction and piping systems, offering a variety of options to meet different needs and environmental conditions. Among them, PEX-A and PEX-B are two common types, each with unique characteristics and application scenarios. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the features,

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Introduce you to brass pipe fittings

Introduction In the realm of piping systems, ensuring the efficient operation of the entire structure necessitates cleverly connecting multiple pipes and segments. This task is often accomplished by pipe fittings, components designed to connect straight pipe segments and pipes of various shapes and sizes. Pipe fittings come in multiple types, each specially designed to fulfill

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Brass pipe fittings introduction guide

Introduction Brass fittings, as a key component in connecting pipes, play a vital role in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors. Brass fittings, with superior material properties including ductility, corrosion resistance, versatility, and high temperature resistance, are the preferred choice in piping systems. This paper will discuss the characteristics, advantages and practical uses of brass

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Efficient belt you understand the ball valve

Introduction In fluid control, ball valve are key components, widely utilized across industries for their numerous advantages. Their ease of operation, compact design, fast closing, pressure resistance, adaptability to extreme conditions, corrosion resistance, and variety make them integral to fluid piping systems. This article will delve into the various types of ball valve and their

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