Exploring the Classification and Types of Brass Ball Valves


Brass ball valves are indispensable components in various industries, offering efficient flow control and shut-off capabilities. Understanding the classification and types of brass ball valves is essential for selecting the most suitable valve for specific applications.

Classification of Brass Ball Valves

Based on Structure

Brass ball valve fall into two main types: floating ball valve and trunnion ball valve. Floating ball valves use fluid pressure to push the ball against the valve seat, ensuring tight sealing. Trunnion ball valves feature a fixed ball supported by trunnions or shafts, enabling higher pressure and larger valve sizes.

Based on Operation

Brass ball valves can also be classified based on their operation into manual ball valve and automated ball valve. Manual ball valves are operated manually using a handle or lever, offering simple and reliable flow control. Automated ball valves, equipped with actuators or motors, allow for remote or automatic operation, ideal for applications requiring frequent adjustments or precise control.

Types of Brass Ball Valves

Two-Way Brass Ball Valve

Two-way brass ball valve, also known as shut-off valves, feature two ports for inlet and outlet connections. They are commonly used in applications where on/off flow control is required, such as plumbing systems, water distribution networks, and HVAC systems.

Three-Way Brass Ball Valve

Three-way brass ball valve, also called diverter valve, feature three ports for diverting flow between two pathways. They are used in applications that require switching between flow paths, such as mixing fluids or directing flow to different lines.

Multi-Port Brass Ball Valve

Multi-port brass ball valve feature more than three ports, allowing for complex flow configurations and routing options.


Brass ball valves offer diverse classifications and types for various applications. From floating ball valve for standard shut-off tasks to trunnion ball valve for high-pressure settings, and multi-port ball valve for complex flow patterns, there’s a brass ball valve to fit every need. Understanding these classifications helps users choose the right valve for efficient flow control.


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