PEX pipes a little knowledge, you know?


PEX pipelines mark a significant advancement in technology for water supply systems. Crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) offers a unique blend of flexibility and durability, distinct from traditional metal pipes. PEX’s flexibility suits diverse installations, perfect for pex repiping, especially in complex buildings.

What is a PEX pipes?

The PEX pipeline is a revolutionary innovation that has revolutionized the way we understand and use water systems. PEX is a game-changer in piping tech, offering flexibility and durability in one solution.

PEX pipes, unlike metal ones, offer flexibility and durability, ideal for diverse installations, especially challenging pex repiping projects. Their adaptability suits various scenarios, making them particularly suitable for projects where building layout and structure pose challenges.

Advantages of PEX pipes

More affordable option – If you are renovating your entire plumbing system or when building a new home, choosing PEX plumbing can significantly reduce costs. The price of PEX pipe is about one-third that of copper pipe.

Corrosion resistance – Unlike galvanized steel and copper, crosslinked polyethylene has good corrosion resistance and is not susceptible to erosion and mineral buildup.

Easy installation – PEX pipe installation is easier and no pipe license is required. If you are in a situation where a faucet or sink is leaking, you can easily fix it with PEX.

High Performance – PEX is known for its excellent thermal conductivity. Compared to copper and galvanized steel, it reduces energy loss and is especially efficient when transporting hot or cold water.

Quiet operation – Since PEX pipes are made of synthetic plastic, you don’t need to worry about rattling in everyday use. In addition, water flows more smoothly through PEX than copper or galvanized steel.

Usage scenario of the PEX pipes

PEX pipes find wide application in hot and cold water pipes as well as radiant heating systems in both residential and commercial buildings. They are primarily favored in the residential sector due to their ease of installation and repair. It is suitable for a variety of installations, including radiant floor heating systems, under-board heating systems, underfloor heating systems and drainage heat recovery systems.

Usage scenario: PEX pipes commonly provide comfortable indoor heating in radiant floor systems by laying them.

Under board heating systems: In an under board heating system, the building structure embeds PEX pipes to conduct heat for providing heating.

Underfloor heating systems: PEX pipe widely serve underfloor heating systems, achieving uniform room heating by installing them under the floor or underground.

Drainage heat recovery systems: PEX pipes can help enhance energy efficiency in drainage heat recovery systems by recovering heat from drainage.


The introduction of PEX pipes brings a more economical, durable and versatile solution to the water supply system. Its superior performance and applicability make it ideal for pex repiping projects, while also performing well in heating systems. The durability and easy installation process of PEX pipes make them widely used in modern buildings, providing users with a more reliable and efficient waterway system.


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