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PEX piping, or cross-linked polyethylene piping, revolutionizes piping technology with enhanced flexibility and durability for water systems. From lead and iron to plastic pipes, PEX heralds a new era, addressing traditional plumbing system limitations while offering numerous advantages.

History of the PEX pipeline

So, what is a PEX pipeline? How is it different from the old plumbing system?

For a long time, houses used lead-based plumbing as a plumbing system, but lead-based materials caused many health problems. In the early 20th century, the United States switched to iron pipes, and all of these changes led to the emergence of modern plumbing systems. However, cast iron pipes are prone to corrosion, especially if the water contains a lot of minerals, resulting in expensive maintenance costs for the owner.

Plastic piping materials first entered the market in the 1950s, mainly to make up for the steel shortage in the United States after the war. PVC pipes have gradually replaced galvanized iron pipes and become the mainstream.

PEX pipes, also known as XPE or XLPE, originally originated in Europe as heating systems for chicken farms. With its introduction to the United States, PEX pipes are widely used in underfloor heating systems and are rapidly gaining popularity due to their versatility and operability.

In recent years, PEX piping has rapidly gained popularity as a primary commercial and residential piping material. PEX-A, PEX-B, and PEX-C are three common types that differ in their manufacturing methods. PEX-A uses the peroxide method, PEX-B uses the silane method, and PEX-C uses the electron beam method. There may be some differences in performance among the three, but the key is to pay attention to where they come from and where they apply.

Advantages of PEX pipes

Anti-freeze characteristics: with cold resistance, not easily affected by low temperature, to avoid the problem of pipeline freezing crack.

Quick and easy installation: The installation process is simple and fast, easy to handle, and reduces the construction time.

Flexible and durable: High flexibility, can easily adapt to various installation scenarios, and has durability, extending the service life of the pipe.

Cost-effective: Relatively low cost, it is an affordable option.

Corrosion and mineral accumulation resistance: not susceptible to corrosion or mineral accumulation, reducing pipeline maintenance costs.

Energy saving: It has good thermal conductivity, which helps to reduce energy loss and improve energy efficiency.

Chlorine resistance: It has a certain resistance to chlorine salts and is suitable for different water quality environments.

It’s crucial to stress that while PEX pipes are easy to install, they are best managed by professionals to prevent issues from improper installation. Additionally, PEX pipes are sensitive to ultraviolet light, so they should avoid direct sunlight. DIY workers must handle these pipes carefully to ensure proper protection.

Disadvantages of PEX pipeline

Not for outdoor use: PEX pipes are made of polyethylene plastic, which is sensitive to ultraviolet light and therefore not suitable for outdoor use. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can cause PEX pipes to become brittle and prone to rupture. In addition, it does not cope well with low outdoor temperatures.

Rodent attacks: Rodents such as rats and squirrels pose a threat to PEX pipes, which can chew through the pipes and cause leakage problems. This destructive attack, if not repaired in time, can cause serious damage to the family.


Overall, PEX pipe is an excellent innovation in pipelines due to its freeze-proof properties, easy installation, flexibility, durability, and cost efficiency. However, note its unsuitability for outdoor use and vulnerability to rodent damage. Understanding PEX’s pros and cons, along with proper operation and maintenance, maximizes its benefits for efficient water supply systems.


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