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PEX pipe, composed of cross-linked high density polyethylene (HDPE), is a synthetic plastic pipe that has seen widespread use in pipeline systems in recent years. Compared to traditional copper pipes, PEX pipes are more affordable, acid and corrosion resistant, and their small diameter makes them more efficient. In this article, we will delve into the pros and cons of PEX piping and its installation process.

What is PEX Pipes

PEX pipes are made of cross-linked high density polyethylene (HDPE), a type of synthetic plastic. This plastic pipe has a wide range of applications and is more affordable than traditional copper pipe. It is acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant, thus reducing the risk of minerals or erosion. Due to the smaller diameter of the PEX pipe, it is able to improve efficiency.

Advantages and disadvantages of PEX pipes

Advantages of PEX pipes

Economical: PEX pipes are more economical than copper pipes in most cases. As a result, initial installation costs are low.

Easy installation: The flexibility of PEX pipe makes installation easier, enabling them to be easily bent into a variety of shapes without the need for welding or special tools.

Easy to cut: PEX pipe have no sharp edges or burrs, making them easier to cut and reducing the risk of damage.

Corrosion and freeze resistance: PEX pipe, made of plastic, withstand cold temperatures, remain unaffected by water quality, and resist corrosion, unlike copper pipes.

Drinking water safety: Unlike copper, PEX is less susceptible to corrosion by chlorine and other chemicals in drinking water, reducing the risk of contaminating the water supply.

Fewer connections, less leakage: PEX pipes are crimped, reducing the number of connections and reducing the risk of leakage.

Disadvantages of PEX pipeline:

High-temperature resistance limitations: One of the biggest disadvantages of PEX pipes is their limited high-temperature resistance. At high temperatures, there may be some limitations.

UV sensitivity: PEX pipe are sensitive to ultraviolet light, so when used outdoors, additional protection may be required.

Oxygen penetration: PEX pipes may have problems with oxygen penetration, causing corrosion of metal components in the system.

Environmental considerations: Although PEX has many advantages in use, its manufacture and handling may involve some environmental concerns.

How to install PEX pipe

PEX pipe installation is a simple and efficient process that combines efficiency and reliability. Thanks to its excellent flexibility, PEX pipes can easily circumnavigate corners and obstacles, reducing the need for a large number of fittings and joints. This not only eliminates cumbersome steps during installation, but also minimizes the risk of potential leaks during long-term operation.

Common installation steps include cutting PEX tubes to the desired length and securing them with compression joints. These fittings not only ensure a strong connection, but also a safe and watertight seal, helping to maintain the integrity of the piping system and making it more reliable for years to come. This simple and reliable installation process for PEX pipes makes them the first choice for repiping or new piping systems.


PEX pipe has become a popular choice in modern pipeline systems due to its economical, easy to install, corrosion resistance and other advantages. However, it is also necessary to consider some disadvantages such as high temperature resistance, UV sensitivity, oxygen penetration and environmental protection considerations. Overall, the installation process of PEX pipes is simple and efficient. By cutting and using compression joints, it minimizes the risk of potential leakage while maintaining a strong connection. The wide range of applications and easy installation of PEX pipes make them the first choice for repiping or new piping systems.


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