PEX pipeline brief introduction


PEX pipeline (cross-linked polyethylene pipe) is a widely utilized material in drinking water and various manufacturing applications due to its soft, flexible properties. Since the 1960s, PEX tubes have seen widespread use globally, particularly in Europe, where significant development occurred in the 1980s. In recent years, the popularity of PEX tubes in the United States has gradually increased, displacing traditional pipe materials.

What is a PEX tube?

PEX, a cross-linked polyethylene material, offers soft and flexible properties. Since the 1960s, it has been utilized in drinking water and various manufacturing applications globally, especially witnessing significant development in Europe during the 1980s. While recently gaining popularity in the United States, it has largely supplanted traditional plumbing materials in new construction and renovation projects.

Many benefits of PEX pipeline

Easy installation: PEX pipes are mechanically connected without the use of solder, flame or chemicals. Its flexibility makes it easy to bypass obstacles and bend. This simplifies the installation process and increases efficiency.

Corrosion resistance: PEX pipeline is not susceptible to pit corrosion or stress corrosion, maintaining its stability and durability.

Scale resistance: The smooth inner wall and chemical properties of the PEX pipeline make it resistant to mineral accumulation, reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance of the pipeline.

Cost effectiveness: The PEX piping system is relatively low labor intensity, which helps optimize system performance and is more competitive in terms of cost.

Availability of pipe sizes: PEX pipeline offer a wide range of diameters for a variety of pipe needs.

Energy efficiency: PEX piping minimizes heat transfer through the tube walls, helping to improve the energy efficiency of the system.

Resistance to freezing damage: In most cases, PEX pipes can withstand freezing and thawing of water without sustaining damage, enhancing their reliability in cold climates.

Water conservation: The well-designed PEX piping system reduces wait times and ensures that hot water reaches fixtures quickly, increasing water efficiency.

Environmental protection: PEX is an inert material that does not contain volatile organic substances and meets environmental protection standards.

Certification: PEX pipes and fittings must meet strict performance requirements to ensure their quality and safety.

Six application scenarios for the PEX pipeline

① Floor radiant heating

The user-friendly nature of PEX in radiant floor heating systems makes it ideal for flat or crawl space applications due to its flexibility and high adaptability.

② Boiler to radiator or floor heating system

PEX is not affected by rust and corrosion, and is not damaged by high temperatures. PEX pipeline with a variety of different diameters and lengths make them ideal for commercial and residential heating systems.

③ Circulating hot water system

Professionals who install hot water systems in their homes choose PEX because of its durability. PEX pipes perform well in circulating hot water systems, ensuring stable system operation over long periods of time.

④ Refrigeration and air conditioning

Residential and commercial cooling systems favor PEX pipes and tubing for their resilience to extreme temperatures. PEX remains flexible and durable, avoiding drying out, cracking, or becoming brittle in cold conditions, thus ensuring reliability in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

⑤ Hydraulic system circuit

PEX piping components are cost-effective and practical while demonstrating wear and corrosion resistance. This makes PEX a lasting solution for radiant heating, ice melting applications and circulating cold water systems.

⑥ Outdoor irrigation system

PEX is suitable for installation on the ground and remains unaffected by pests or temperature changes, contributing to its increasing popularity in landscape irrigation installations. Its weather resistance and adaptability make it ideal for outdoor irrigation systems.


As an advanced pipeline material, PEX pipe performs well in many application scenarios with its advantages such as easy installation, corrosion resistance, energy saving and environmental protection. Its wide range of applications makes it an indispensable part of modern construction projects.


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