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PPR pipeline, also known as polypropylene pipe, consists of polypropylene material. It offers advantages such as light weight, corrosion resistance, straightforward and stable connections, as well as economic and practical benefits. PPR pipes find extensive application in the construction sector for hot water, cold water, and purified drinking water systems. This paper will deeply discuss the manufacturing materials, production process, advantages and disadvantages of PPR pipe and its practical application in construction engineering.

What is a PPR tube

Polypropylene is the main material used to make the pipe. PPR pipes are straight and cylindrical tubes made of random copolymer plastics. A continuous extrusion process is used in the manufacturing process. PPR pipes are suitable for hot, cold and purified drinking water systems. For connections, thermal welding technology is used.

Advantages of PPR piping

Light quality: Light quality is a major feature of PPR pipe, specifically, at 20 degrees Celsius, the weight of PPR pipe is only one-ninth of the steel pipe, and one-tenth of the copper pipe. Due to the light weight, the construction strength is significantly reduced, providing more convenient conditions for construction.

Corrosion resistance: PPR pipes are excellent in corrosion resistance and have excellent chemical resistance to all ions in water and construction chemicals, neither rust nor corrosion. This superior corrosion resistance ensures long-term stable operation of the pipeline and reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Simple and stable link: In terms of pipeline connection, PPR pipe has excellent hot melt performance, and the use of hot melt connection technology can firmly connect the pipes and fittings of the same material as a complete whole, effectively avoiding the occurrence of problems such as water leakage. It is worth emphasizing that in the process of production, construction and use, PPR pipelines will not cause pollution to the environment and belong to the category of green building materials.

Low cost economy: The economy of PPR pipeline is also its attraction. As a green plastic pipe, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also relatively cheap, and has the characteristics of economic and practical. This makes PPR tubes an economical and practical option for widespread adoption in construction projects.

Disadvantages of PPR pipeline

When installing PPR pipes outdoors, it’s crucial to remember that, like other plastic products, they are not suitable for direct sunlight exposure. If outdoor use is necessary, the pipe surface requires coating with a PE layer to prevent oil loss caused by strong sunlight. At the same time, any addition or repair to the PPR piping system must rely on fusion welding tools to ensure that the connection is strong. These precautions ensure the long-term stable operation of the PPR piping system and also help to extend its service life.


PPR pipe, as an advanced pipeline material, has shown obvious advantages in the field of construction. The lightweight nature of PPR pipes reduces construction intensity. Superior corrosion resistance and hot melt connection technology ensure stable operation and strong connections. PPR tubes are economical, making them a preferred choice for many projects. However, avoid outdoor installation in direct sunlight, and use specific fusion welding tools for additions or repairs.


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