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With the continuous progress of society and the rapid development of economy, the housing industry is booming, and the construction of urban infrastructure has ushered in a new investment boom. In this process, PPR pipe has been widely used as a pipeline material with excellent chemical stability. Especially in highly corrosive environments and material applications requiring strong permeability, PPR tubes demonstrate excellent overall stability and provide critical support for the chemical industry.

PPR pipeline market status

With the vigorous development of the economy, the housing industry rises in this wave. Investment in urban infrastructure also increased significantly. In this development trend, the application range of PPR tubes has become very wide, and it has excellent chemical stability. When PPR tubes face highly corrosive environments or materials with strong permeability, they can maintain their overall stability. This unique characteristic makes PPR pipe widely used in the chemical industry, especially in the construction of chemical product emissions and transportation pipelines play a key role.

Advantages of PPR Pipeline

The PP-R piping system is unique in that its piping and fittings are made of exactly the same material, effectively reducing the possibility of system failure. The system is green certified for the following reasons: 1. Life expectancy is more than 50 years. 2. The product is made of crude oil waste, and plastic is its by-product. 3.PP-R material is completely recyclable. 4. Its insulation performance is 35 times that of copper, which is an energy efficient product.

All connections tightly weld to the pipe, making them non-reusable. This design effectively deters thieves since the parts cannot be reused or sold as scrap, unlike mechanical parts used in other products. Unauthorized alterations to the plumbing system are prohibited, except for maintenance personnel/plumbers equipped with fusion welding tools.

Disadvantages of PPR pipeline

When discussing the drawbacks of PPR water pipes, one issue is their inferior pressure resistance and heat resistance compared to steel water pipes. Metal pipes exhibit greater toughness under the same pressure conditions, whereas PPR pipes may sustain damage. In addition, the most suitable water temperature for PPR water pipes is about 50 ° C. However, the problem has been successfully solved by utilizing PPR aluminum-plastic pipe solutions. PPR aluminum-plastic pipes consist of an aluminum layer as the middle layer, with PPR as the outer layer and food-grade PE as the inner layer. This structure greatly improves the pressure resistance and heat resistance, and fully meets the daily water needs of the household.


PPR pipeline has a wide application prospect and an important position in the market. Its unique advantages, such as unique piping structure, long life, green certification and effective protection against illegal changes in the design, make it the first choice for the construction and chemical industry. Despite facing challenges related to pressure and heat resistance, innovative solutions like PPR aluminum-plastic tubes have successfully addressed these shortcomings. With the continuous progress of technology, PPR pipeline will continue to provide reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly pipeline solutions for the construction field, and promote the continuous improvement of urban infrastructure construction.


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