A little knowledge of PPR tubes


PPR pipes, polypropylene random copolymer pipes, are popular in a variety of pipe applications. PPR tubes, made of plastics with excellent high temperature resistance and durability, find widespread use in hot and cold water systems. Its excellent chemical resistance and smooth inner surface minimize pressure loss and effectively prevent the buildup of scale and sediment.

A brief introduction to PPR pipes

PPR tubes, also referred to as polypropylene random copolymer tubes, find widespread use in various pipeline applications. These pipes, crafted from a plastic renowned for its high temperature resistance and durability, earn recognition for their excellent chemical resistance and suitability for both hot and cold water systems. Additionally, their inner surfaces are smooth, minimizing pressure loss and preventing the accumulation of scale and sediment.

Pros and cons of PPR pipeline

One of the reasons the PPR pipeline is so widely chosen is because of its multiple advantages. Among them, high temperature resistance is a prominent feature of PPR pipes, making them widely used in hot and cold water systems. In addition, PPR pipes are favored for their superior durability and long life. Its anti-corrosion and anti-scale properties help maintain a smooth flow of water and reduce the risk of leakage. At the same time, PPR tubes have excellent chemical resistance and a wide range of applications. However, it’s essential to acknowledge some disadvantages of PPR pipelines. Compared to other pipeline types, one of the main drawbacks of PPR pipelines is their relatively high cost.

In addition, installing PPR pipes requires specialized tools and equipment, which can increase the overall cost of the project. In addition, PPR pipes are not suitable for outdoor applications, as exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight may cause them to degrade.

Despite these drawbacks, many application scenarios still prefer PPR piping, as its unique advantages make it a highly regarded choice for piping systems.

Application scenarios of PPR pipes

Hot and cold water supply pipes: PPR pipes find extensive use in hot and cold water supply systems across domestic, commercial, and industrial fields.

Health: PPR pipes find utility in hospitals, laboratories, food processing, and other health industries, ensuring the quality of clean water.

Water purification: PPR pipeline is suitable for all kinds of water purification, such as seawater desalination, membrane filtration, etc. PPR pipes can be used in various water treatment systems, such as water purification, sewage treatment, etc.

Liquid food transmission line: PPR pipelines find application in various food processing plants for transmitting liquids like milk, juice, and other food products.

Industrial systems: Industries widely employ PPR pipes to convey air pressure and corrosive fluids like acids and alkaline solutions.

Agricultural pipeline: PPR pipeline can be used in agricultural irrigation, breeding and other fields.

Radiator heating pipe: PPR pipe can be used for heating pipe of radiator.

Under the floor heating pipeline: PPR pipelines are suitable for use in floor heating systems, ensuring the safety and reliability of the pipeline.


Despite some drawbacks of PPR pipes, its widespread use in various application scenarios proves its unique advantages in pipeline systems. High temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and smooth internal surfaces make PPR pipes a reliable choice. When choosing a project, carefully weighing its advantages and disadvantages and fully understanding its applicable scenarios will help to achieve efficient operation of the pipeline system.


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