How to Install PPR Pipes and Fittings at Home?


In modern society, more people are undertaking home decoration and maintenance independently. With increasing attention to home environments, homeowners aspire to create a safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly living space through their efforts. This article explores the steps and techniques for undertaking install PPR pipe independently, providing useful guidance and advice for those wanting to create a cozy home.

PPR Pipe

Installation Steps

1、Preparation for PPR Pipe and Fittings Installation:

  • A. Gather necessary tools like scissors, markers, rulers, and clean cloths.
  • B. Ensure the fusion machine has reliable grounding.
  • C. Before installing welded joints, check specifications and ensure secure connections.
  • D. Inspect the welding machine before powering it to ensure proper heating (red light) and readiness (green light).
  • E. Check pipe dimensions for compliance.
  • F. For home installation, avoid underground applications; recommend concealed applications in walls or ceilings.

2、Cleaning Fusion Surfaces of PPR Pipe and Fittings:

  • A. Clean fusion surfaces of PPR pipes and fittings before welding to ensure no stains.
  • B. Trim 2-3 cm of the PPR pipe end, or 4-5 cm if there are minor cracks.

3、Heating Installation of Pipe:

  • A. Push the PPR pipe steadily into the welding mold and core, ensuring it reaches the marked line.
  • B. Avoid rotation and tilting during the pushing process.
  • C. Adjust heating time according to standards; extend by 500% in winter heating.

4、PPR Pipe Butt Insertion and Adjustment:

  • A. Insert joints quickly to prevent premature hardening of the pipe surface.
  • B. Butt joint angle adjustment should not exceed 5 degrees, completed within the specified adjustment time.

5、Shaping and Cooling of Household Pipes:

  • A. After the allowed adjustment time, keep the fittings and pipes relatively still.
  • B. Allow natural cooling, avoiding forced cooling with water or other coolants.

6、Pressure Testing of Pipeline Installation:

  • A. After pipeline installation, perform pressure testing at room temperature within the specified time.
  • B. Install vent holes at the highest point during water filling for pressure testing.
  • C. Acceptance pressure for cold water pipes is 1.5 times the system working pressure; for hot water pipes, it’s the system working pressure.
  • D. Conduct two pressure tests, with a holding time of at least 1 hour, and pressure drop not exceeding 6%.
  • E. For engineering installations, suggest advanced step-by-step pressure testing, with each section passing before the main network pressure test.
  • F. Discourage one-time pressure testing after project completion.
  • G. The plugs used for pressure testing are specialized and should be replaced after use for long-term.


Through detailed explanations and step-by-step guidance in this article, we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of independently installing PPR pipes and fittings at home. This practical guidance and advice are for those eager to create a warm home through personal efforts in home decoration and maintenance. Independent completion of home decoration and maintenance is no longer an unattainable task. By following correct steps and techniques, installing PPR pipes and fittings can be easily accomplished. Through such efforts, we can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly living space while experiencing a unique sense of achievement in home decoration. These guidelines and suggestions hope to be helpful assistants in your home decoration process, making your home more perfect.


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