Super Practical Introduction to the Pros and Cons of PEX Pipes


PEX is a flexible polyethylene piping material used for water supply, heating, and cooling systems. Its unique elasticity and corrosion resistance make it easy to install and suitable for various building types. PEX pipe have freeze resistance, making them ideal for radiant heating systems. Several high-end brands like Uponor, Viega, and Rehau offer superior performance and innovative solutions in the market. The quick connection technology of PEX pipes, such as SharkBite, has made it a popular choice in plumbing systems.

PEX Pipes

Advantages of PEX Pipes:

Resistant to Damage and Failure: The durability of PEX-A pipe prevents damage during construction accidents or transportation before installing pipes in homes. Unseen cracks or defects in copper and CPVC may lead to structural failure. A simple drop, dent, or accidental weight displacement at the worksite can damage traditional pipes. The flexibility and expansiveness of PEX-A pipe prevent damage, eliminating concerns about failure due to unnoticed defects during installation.

Reduced Number of Pipe Joints: PEX pipe are bendable, requiring fewer joints to adapt to each area in your home properly. This provides a more robust piping setup and enhances lifespan. Unlike materials that require hundreds of joints to assemble, PEX can run with minimal joints. The more joints in your home’s plumbing system, the higher the likelihood of one failing. A failure could lead to leaks, corrosion of metal materials on walls, and expensive water damage.

PEX Pipes Can Freeze Without Damage: In regions affected by freezing temperatures, PEX pipes are ideal due to their elasticity. If the water inside freezes, PEX expands and returns to its original size after thawing. Other materials like copper and CPVC may crack once the water inside freezes. Frozen pipes can cause significant trouble for your family during cold weather, especially during holidays. By using PEX pipes, you can avoid frozen pipes and the resulting mess.

Disadvantages of PEX Pipes:

While PEX pipes have become popular in recent years due to their flexibility and ease of installation, like any piping material, they also have drawbacks. Some may consider the following as potential disadvantages of PEX pips:

Long-Term Durability Concerns: A common concern is the long-term durability of PEX pipe. Although they are corrosion-resistant, some worry that their lifespan may not be as long as traditional materials like copper. However, PEX manufacturers typically provide warranties to address these concerns.

Temperature Sensitivity: PEX pips are sensitive to high temperatures. Exposure to extreme heat, such as torch exposure during welding, can cause them to warp or melt. This means they may not be suitable for all types of piping systems.

Not Suitable for Outdoor Use: PEX is not recommended for outdoor applications unless it is specifically UV-resistant PEX. Ordinary PEX exposed to sunlight degrades, making it not the best choice for outdoor plumbing projects.

Fittings and Tools: PEX pipe require special fittings and tools for installation, which can initially be more expensive. This may deter some DIYers or budget-conscious homeowners.

Chemical Sensitivity: Some critics express concerns about PEX pipes interacting with certain chemicals in water, which could affect water quality. However, extensive testing has been conducted to address these concerns.

Environmental Considerations: PEX is made from petroleum-based materials, which may raise environmental concerns. Some prefer more eco-friendly piping options.


In conclusion, PEX pipes have many advantages, including resistance to damage, reduced joint count, and freeze resistance, making them a popular choice in water supply and heating systems. However, PEX pipe also have potential drawbacks, such as concerns about long-term durability, temperature sensitivity, unsuitability for outdoor use, and the need for special tools and fittings. When selecting piping materials, it’s crucial to weigh these pros and cons and make informed decisions based on specific project needs and environmental considerations. The long-term benefits of using PEX pipes may depend on proper installation, suitable operating conditions, and warranties provided by manufacturers.


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