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PPR pipe is a copolymer made of propylene monomer and ethylene monomer, which is one of the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly plastic pipe products. As a new material, PPR tubes must have its advantages and disadvantages. The following articles will take you through the pros and cons of PPR pipelines.

PPR Pipe

Advantages of PPR tube:

1, PPR pipe ensures the safety of the human body as it does not react with various ions in the water and remains uncorroded by chemical materials in the building. This property ensures the purity of the water when transported through the PPR pipe, and the interface in contact with the metal pipe does not corrode.

2, the durability of PPR pipes is not easy to rust or corrosion, compared with ordinary metal pipes, its acid and alkali resistance and chloride resistance is stronger. This allows PPR tubes to remain stable over long periods of use, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

3, maintenance-free is another advantage of PPR pipeline, because it does not have a uniform hot melt reaction with the same material pipeline when connecting, making the pipeline connection almost zero leakage. This reduces the need for manual maintenance after the completion of construction and improves the overall operating efficiency of the pipeline system.

4,The lightness of PPR tubes is reflected in the construction of smaller material quality, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. This not only improves the construction speed, but also reduces the construction cost to a certain extent, and provides convenience for the smooth progress of the project.

5, The PPR tube exhibits low thermal conductivity. At 20 ° C, it ranges between 0.23 and 0.24 W/(m·K), considerably smaller than that of metal tubes. It can be directly utilized in domestic or other hot water systems.

6,The smoothness and small resistance of the PPR tube wall are its advantages in actual operation. The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth and is not easy to freeze and form scale. Simultaneously, the reduced friction significantly lowers water supply pressure, achieving energy-saving and environmentally friendly effects. This makes PPR tubes more environmentally friendly in various water supply systems.

Disadvantages of PPR pipeline:

high cost:

The substantial demand for PPR pipelines exceeds supply, leading to high prices due to technical requirements. This poses budget challenges for some projects. When choosing pipe materials, you need to weigh cost against performance.

single specifications insufficient accessories:

relatively single pipeline specifications and relatively limited accessories may limit the flexibility of design in some projects.


PPR tube’s brittleness, a major drawback, becomes critical in impact-prone environments. During design and construction, addressing this issue is crucial for pipeline durability.

large expansion coefficient:

the large expansion coefficient of PPR pipeline may bring some challenges in some special projects, especially the need to consider pipeline support and prevent deformation. This feature needs to be fully considered during the design phase.

high construction requirements:

The relatively complex construction process of PPR pipe requires professionals for erection and connection. This may elevate the construction difficulty and cost for certain projects. Proper training and strict construction standards are key to ensuring pipeline quality.

poor UV resistance:

Long-term exposure to sunlight causes aging of the PPR tube wall, thereby reducing its service life. In outdoor applications, it may necessitate additional protection or consideration of other pipe materials better suited for exposure to sunlight.

not suitable for fire water supply:

PPR pipe is flammable, making it unsuitable for fire water supply systems. When designing integrated piping systems, it becomes crucial to select materials meeting safety standards, especially in critical applications like fire protection systems.

Product Case: Application of PPR pipe in regional residential development projects

Project Overview: In the context of a regional residential development comprising numerous small towers and apartments, designed for a modern and comfortable residential setting.

Product Selection: Given the project’s scale, the engineering team opted for PPR pipes and fittings, specifically IFAN products, ensuring high-quality water pipes despite the project’s smaller size.

IFAN PPR pipes ensure clean water in small residential buildings, providing a sanitary environment. In apartment water supply systems, IFAN guarantees stable, reliable water supply for each unit.

Advantages from Product Features:Easy Construction:IFAN PPR pipes simplify construction through hot melt connections, streamlining the process and enhancing project progress.Durable and Reliable:The high-quality material of IFAN PPR tubes assures system pressure and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term reliability during operation.Environmental Characteristics:IFAN PPR pipes, crafted from environmentally friendly materials, align with sustainability standards, contributing to the project’s environmental goals.

Conclusion:Through the successful application in this regional residential project, IFAN PPR pipes showcase superior performance even in small-scale projects. Delivering a high-quality, eco-friendly water supply solution, the IFAN brand establishes its reliability in regional construction projects.


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