How do I install PPR pipes and fitting at home?


In modern society, more and more people begin to try to complete the home decoration and maintenance work independently, with the increasing attention to the home environment, more and more family owners hope to create a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly living space through their own efforts. This article will explore the steps and tips for doing this task on your own, providing some helpful guidance and advice for those who want to create a welcoming home by hand.

PPR Fitting

Installation procedure

1, PPR pipeline and accessories before installation preparation:

A. Prepare necessary tools, such as scissors, a marker, a ruler, and a clean wool cloth. B. Ensure the smelter implements reliable grounding measures. C. Before installing the welded joint, verify correct specifications and ensure a firm and reliable connection. D. Inspect the welding machine before powering on, ensuring the red light indicates heating, and the green light indicates readiness for welding. E. Verify that the specifications and dimensions of pipe fittings meet the requirements. F. When installing at home, avoid using underground applications; instead, consider wall or roof hidden applications.

2, clean PPR pipe fitting and water pipe integration surface:

A. Clean the fusion surface of the PPR pipe and the interface of the PPR pipe fitting before welding to ensure that there is no stain B. The PPR pipe mouth should generally be removed 2-3 cm, if there is a slight crack, it should be removed 4-5 cm.

3, pipe welding heating installation:

A. Push the key PPR tube into the welding die sleeve and die core at a constant speed to ensure that the tube is pushed to the line mark. B. Avoid rotation and tilt during propulsion. C. Adjust the heating time according to the standard, and the heating time in winter is generally extended by 500%.

4,Docking insertion and adjustment:

A. The insertion speed should be as fast as possible to prevent premature hardening of the surface of household pipes. B. Adjust the butt Angle not more than 5 degrees within the specified adjustment time.

5,Molding and cooling of household pipes:

A. After allowing adjustment time, PPR fitting and pipes should be relatively stationary. B. The cooling shall be carried out in a natural way, and forced cooling by coolers such as water shall be prohibited.

6, pipeline installation pressure test:

A. Perform a pressure test at room temperature for a specified time after installing the piping. B. Install the vent hole at the pipeline’s highest point when filling it with water. C. The cold water pipe’s acceptance pressure is 1.5 times the system’s working pressure, and for the hot water pipe, it’s the working pressure. D. Conduct two pressure tests, ensuring the pressure holding time is not less than 1 hour, with no pressure drop greater than 6%. E. Recommend conducting an advanced step-by-step pressure test during engineering installation and testing the main network after each section qualifies. F. Discourage conducting a one-time stress test after completing the project. G. Use a pipe plug specifically designed for pressure tests; replace long-term usable metal plugs after the pressure test.

Project name: IFANPLUS brand helps modern residential hot water system upgrade

Client background: A young couple planning to renovate their modern home and upgrade their hot water system.

Challenges: Need a stable and safe hot water supply, high aesthetic and modern requirements for home decoration, and find cost-effective piping materials.

Solution: IFANPLUS brand PPR pipe fitting were selected as the main material for the hot water system.

Why choose IFANPLUS PPR Fittings?

Excellent performance: IFANPLUS PPR pipe fitting ensure long-term stable operation of hot water system with their superior heat and pressure resistance. Beautiful design: IFANPLUS PPR fittings are not only safe and reliable, but also flexible to adapt to the unique design needs of modern homes. Easy installation: IFANPLUS PPR fitting use hot melt connection technology to make the installation process more efficient and reduce construction time.

Implementation steps: Comprehensive planning by professional engineers to ensure that every corner of the hot water system is covered. As the main material, IFANPLUS PPR pipe fitting are concealed with metal sleeves to ensure the safety and life of the system. The hot melt connection technology of PPR pipe fittings ensures tight pipe connection and prevents water leakage.

Results: Stable water supply: The superior performance of IFANPLUS PPR fittings ensures a stable, hot water supply to every tap. Beautiful design: The flexibility of IFANPLUS PPR pipe fitting fully reflects the beauty of modern home design. Cost-effective: IFANPLUS PPR pipe fittings are not only affordable, but also have low long-term operating costs, providing customers with cost-effective solutions.

This case fully demonstrates that in modern home decoration, IFANPLUS brand PPR pipe fitting are the ideal choice for hot water systems, meeting the multiple needs of customers for performance, aesthetics and economy.


This article provides detailed guidance for installing PPR pipes and fittings independently at home. Follow the steps and techniques for a safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly living space, making home improvement a satisfying accomplishment.


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