IFANPLUS Custom Wholesale PP Fitting Ball Valve

Product Name:IFAN PE Fitting
Color:Black/Light blue/Gray/Blue/Custom color
Specification:20mm -110mm
Working pressure:PN16
Packing:Woven Bag
Sample:Free sample
Delivery time:7-15Days

Advantages of PP Fitting

  1. Durability: PP fittings exhibit high durability, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and resisting corrosion.
  2. Flexibility: They offer flexibility in installation, allowing for easy adaptation to various plumbing configurations and layouts.
  3. Chemical Resistance: PP fitting are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for use in corrosive environments.
  4. Leak Resistance: With excellent sealing properties, PP fittings minimize the risk of leaks and ensure reliable performance over time.
  5. Lightweight: PP fitting are lightweight, making handling and installation easier and reducing labor costs.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness: They are cost-effective solutions, offering long-term savings due to their durability and low maintenance requirements.
  7. Ease of Installation: PP fittings are easy to install, requiring minimal tools and expertise, thereby saving time and labor costs.
  8. Temperature Resistance: They exhibit excellent temperature resistance, maintaining structural integrity even in extreme temperature conditions.
  9. Versatility: PP fittings are versatile, suitable for various applications in plumbing systems, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings.
  10. Environmental Friendliness: PP fittings contribute to environmental friendliness since they allow for recycling and exhibit a low environmental impact during both production and use.

Applications of PP Fitting

  1. Residential Plumbing: In residential plumbing systems, people commonly use PP fittings for applications like hot and cold water supply, drainage, and irrigation.
  2. Commercial Buildings: In commercial buildings, PP fittings are used for plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection systems.
  3. Industrial Facilities: PP fittings find extensive use in industrial facilities for handling corrosive fluids, chemical processing, and wastewater treatment.
  4. Agricultural Irrigation: In agricultural irrigation, PP fittings distribute water to crops, greenhouses, and livestock.
  5. Municipal Water Supply: PP fittings are crucial in municipal water supply networks, including treatment plants, pumping stations, and distribution pipelines.
  6. Swimming Pools: PP fitting are employed in swimming pool plumbing systems for water circulation, filtration, and chemical treatment.
  7. Laboratories: In laboratories, researchers and professionals utilize PP fittings for transporting chemicals and fluids in research, testing, and production.
  8. Food and Beverage Industry: In the food and beverage industry, professionals utilize PP fittings for processing, packaging, and conveying liquids and gases. 
  9. Chemical Plants: In chemical plants, PP fitting are essential for handling corrosive chemicals, acids, and solvents in manufacturing processes.
  10. Shipbuilding: In shipbuilding and marine applications, people use PP fittings for seawater intake, ballast systems, and wastewater treatment onboard vessels.


With 30 years of experience, IFAN is a specialist manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality plastic fittings, fittings and valves. Our products cover copper valves, PPR valves and various fitting and fittings to meet different customer needs. No matter what your needs are for plumbing or valves, IFAN offers a wide range of cost-effective products to support your project. Below is our contact information, this is our Whatsapp: + 86 152 1588 9393,Email:[email protected]


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