IFAN OEM ODM High Quality PEX Compression Fitting Seated Female Elbow

Product Name:PEX Compression Fitting
Color:Brass Or Silver
Advantage:High Quality And Sturdy
Usage:Connect PEX Pipe
Health Guarantee:Not Easy To Corrode, And Does Not Form Scale
Production Technology:German Advanced Technology
Packing:IFAN Carton
Sample:Free sample
Delivery time:7-15Days

Advantages of PEX Compression Fitting

  1. Easy Installation: The design of PEX compression fittings makes them easy to install without the need for welding or special tools, reducing installation complexity.
  2. Lightweight: PEX compression fittings use materials lighter than traditional metal pipes, making them easier to transport and install and reducing labor intensity.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: PEX compression fitting resist corrosion and chemicals, extending pipe lifespan.
  4. Flexibility: PEX compression fittings are flexible, allowing bending as needed, reducing joints, and enhancing system reliability.
  5. Freeze Resistance: PEX compression fittings have good resistance to freezing at low temperatures, making them suitable for cold climate environments.

Usage scenario of PEX Compression fitting

  1. Water Supply Systems:PEX compression fitting are common in buildings for cold and hot water supply.
  2. Heating Systems: PEX fittings connect with radiant heating systems and other heating equipment.
  3. Underfloor Heating: PEX fittings connect piping in underfloor heating systems.
  4. Cooling Systems: Used for connecting pipes in refrigeration systems, such as air conditioning systems.
  5. Solar Hot Water Systems: PEX compression fitting connect solar water heaters to storage tanks.
  6. Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Used for connecting pipes to collect rainwater in storage tanks.
  7. Industrial Fluid Conveyance: PEX fittings can be used for connecting pipes in industrial environments for various fluid transport applications.
  8. Water Treatment Systems: Used for connecting water treatment equipment, such as filters and softeners.
  9. Swimming Pools and Spa Equipment: PEX fittings connect water pipes in swimming pools and spa equipment.
  10. Agricultural Irrigation Systems: PEX compression fittings can be used to connect pipes in irrigation systems.


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