IFAN Factory Direct High Quality PEX Press Fitting Socket

Product Name:PEX Press Fitting
Color:Brass Or Silver
Material:57-3 Brass
Advantage:Professional Tools For Face Sealing;High Temperature Forging
Usage:Connect PEX Pipe
Suitable Temperature:20-120℃
Health Guarantee:Not Easy To Corrode, And Does Not Form Scale
Production Technology:German Advanced Technology
Packing:IFAN Carton
Sample:Free sample
Delivery time:7-15Days

The advantages of PEX Press Fitting

  1. The straightforward design of PEX Press Fittings facilitates error-free and simple installations.
  2. PEX Press Fittings enhance system reliability by reducing the need for complex joint structures.
  3. These fittings adapt effortlessly to different temperature variations, maintaining stability in diverse environments.
  4. PEX Press Fittings support water conservation efforts through their leak-resistant and secure connections.
  5. Quick-connect capabilities of PEX Press Fittings expedite repairs and system modifications, minimizing downtime.
  6. PEX Press Fittings’ compatibility with existing plumbing systems simplifies retrofitting and upgrades.

Application of PEX Press Fitting

  1. PEX Press Fittings are integral in constructing sustainable and energy-efficient plumbing systems.
  2. They play a crucial role in underfloor heating systems, ensuring efficient and uniform heat distribution.
  3. PEX Press Fittings are widely used in the installation of fire sprinkler systems for quick and reliable connections.
  4. PEX Press Fittings contribute to efficient rainwater harvesting systems with their leak-resistant connections.
  5. Their compatibility with various pipe materials makes PEX Press Fittings suitable for versatile plumbing solutions.
  6. Agricultural irrigation systems benefit from PEX Press Fittings due to their adaptability and durability.
  7. In marine applications, PEX Press Fittings offer reliable connections for water supply systems on ships.
  8. PEX Press Fittings are utilized in medical facilities, ensuring secure and hygienic water supply connections.
  9. Food processing plants employ PEX Press Fittings for their resistance to corrosion and efficient fluid transport.
  10. PEX Press Fittings support eco-friendly initiatives, connecting pipes in water treatment and recycling systems.


IFAN is a professional manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the production of high quality plastic pipes, fittings and valves. Our products include copper valves, PPR valves and various pipes and fittings to meet different customer needs. Whether you have any requirements for water supply and drainage pipes or valves, IFAN can provide a variety of products with high quality and cost-effective, to provide a full range of support for your project. Below is our contact information, this is our Whatsapp: + 86 152 1588 9393,Email:[email protected]


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