IFAN Durable OEM ODM PPR Pipe Fittings Plug chuangrong

Size: 20-160mm

Color:Green,White,Yellow,Blue,Gray/Customized Color

Raw material: PPR (100% New Material)

Certification:ISO CE


Package:IFAN standard packaging or customized

Sample time:7days

Temprature:high temprature resistant

Health:Guarantee The Interior Is Smooth, Not Easy To Corrode, And Does Not Form Scale

Advantages of IFAN products: free samples, high quality, preferential prices, support custom.

Products Description
Product Name
IFAN PPR fittings
Green, White, Grey, Customize
Raw material
Working pressure
Working Temperature
Up To 95 °c
Water Supply,Universal Hot And Cold Water
Guarantee Time
50 years
Health Guarantee
Non-toxic, Harmless, Not Rust, Not Easy To Corrode
Production Technology
German Advanced Technology
Woven Bag
Free sample
Delivery time

Application Scenarios of PPR plumbing fittings:

Heating System:Leveraging the thermal stability of PPR pipe material, it finds frequent application in heating systems’ hot water pipes, ensuring consistent operation in elevated temperature environments.

Food Industry:Meeting sanitary standards, PPR plumbing fittings are well-suited for piping systems that transport drinking water or liquid food within the food industry.

Hot and Cold Water Piping System:PPR pipes, being lightweight and highly temperature-resistant, prove ideal for hot and cold water piping systems. This includes applications in residential, commercial buildings, and other water supply and heating systems.

Advantages of PPR Pipe Fittings:

Easy Installation and Maintenance:PPR plumbing fittings, connected through hot-melt techniques, facilitate easy and secure installations. Moreover, maintenance is simplified as no specialized anti-corrosion treatment is necessary, leading to cost reduction.

Lightweight and High Strength:PPR plumbing fittings, being relatively lightweight, are easy to handle and install. Their high strength allows them to withstand specific water pressure requirements.
Robust Corrosion Resistance:Exhibiting robust corrosion resistance, PPR pipe fittings effectively withstand the erosion of chemical substances like acids and alkalis. This quality ensures stability across various environmental conditions.


With 30 years of experience, IFAN is a specialist manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality plastic fittings, fittings and valves. Our products cover copper valves, PPR valves and various fitting and fittings to meet different customer needs. No matter what your needs are for plumbing or valves, IFAN offers a wide range of cost-effective products to support your project. Below is our contact information, this is our Whatsapp: + 86 152 1588 9393,Email:[email protected]

PPR tube fitting
PPR tube fitting
PPR tube fitting
PPR tube fitting
PPR Plumbing Fittings

PPR Plumbing Fittings
PPR Plumbing Fittings


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