Brass Ball Valve Kitz 81073 IFANPLUS

Size:1/2 inch -2 inch

Color: Brass Silver Double Color or Customized

OEM & ODM:Support

Packing: Opp Bag+Color Carton

Work Pressure ≤ 25bar

Sample: Expense Free(Contact Us To Get A Free Sample)

Connection: thread

Material: BRASS (100% New Material)

Product Name
IFAN Brass Ball Valve
Sample Expense
Body Material
Brass Silver Double Color or Customized
Delivery Time
7-25 Days

Structure of Brass Ball Valve:

The brass ball valve features a simple yet efficient structure, housing a robust brass body with a spherical closure mechanism. This design allows precise control of fluid flow, ensuring optimal performance. The use of brass enhances durability and corrosion resistance, establishing the valve as a dependable choice across diverse applications. In essence, the uncomplicated yet effective design of the brass ball valve positions it as a crucial component in plumbing systems, offering efficient regulation without compromising durability.

Operating a Copper Ball Valve:

The process of operating a brass ball valve is straightforward and involves a few simple steps. Identify the lever handle attached to the valve, typically positioned perpendicular to the pipe when closed and parallel when open. To halt the flow, turn the handle clockwise until it aligns with the pipe. Conversely, rotating it counterclockwise opens the valve, allowing fluid to pass through. The precision of this on-off control renders brass valves a reliable choice for regulating liquids or gases. Users appreciate the ease and efficiency with which they can manipulate these valves, ensuring optimal fluid management in diverse applications.

Applications of Copper Ball Valves:

Brass ball valves find widespread utility in fluid control systems, excelling in applications that demand precise regulation of liquids or gases. Their robust design and user-friendly operation make them indispensable for managing and controlling fluid flow in plumbing, industrial, and residential settings. These valves prove their versatility and reliability in various scenarios, from water supply systems to industrial processes. The intuitive design and manual control position brass ball valves as a preferred choice for a broad spectrum of tasks, guaranteeing efficient and dependable fluid management.

Maintenance of Brass Ball Valve:

Cleaning Work: During installation and use, copper valves may accumulate pollutants. Professional cleaning operations ensure product performance. Auxiliary Workpiece: For long periods of inactivity, different protective measures are needed based on valve structures and fillers, using materials like wax paper or plastic sheets to shield the valve mouth. Daily Maintenance: When used outdoors, use waterproof appliances like linoleum or raincoats to shield the product, minimizing direct contact with rain and ensuring longevity.

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brass ball valve
brass ball valve
brass ball valve
brass ball valve


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