Brass Forged Ball Valve 81068 IFANPLUS Vitech

Size:1/2 inch -2 inch

Color:Silver,Brass Color Or Customized

OEM & ODM:Support

Delivery Time: 7-25 Days

Connection: Female / Male Thread

Raw material: Brass  (100% New Material)

Advantages of IFAN products: free samples, high quality, preferential prices, support custom.

Product Name
IFAN Brass Ball Valve
Sample Expense
Body Material
Brass Silver Double Color or Customized
Delivery Time
7-25 Days

Brass Ball Valve: Material Characteristics

Superior Material Features: Brass ball valves excel in fluid control with remarkable corrosion resistance, high-temperature endurance, and efficient heat conductivity. These characteristics make them ideal for diverse design applications.High Strength and Reliability: The valves’ high strength ensures reliability, even under pressure. This quality positions brass ball valves as the optimal choice for various operating conditions, offering robust performance.

Application of Brass Ball Valve:

Wide Industrial and Household Use: Brass ball valves play a crucial role in fluid control systems, water supply pipelines, air conditioning, and chemical processes. Their corrosion resistance, effective sealing, and flexible operation make them the preferred choice for regulating media flow and ensuring system stability.

Brass Ball Valve Function Principle:

Efficient Fluid Flow Management: Operating through ball rotation, brass ball valves efficiently manage fluid flow, whether controlled manually or electrically. The ball’s rotational position, featuring a through hole, regulates flow, ensuring reliable operation under different pressures and conditions.

Brass Ball Valve Maintenance:

Vital Long-Term Stability: Regular maintenance is vital for ensuring the long-term stability of brass ball valves. Proper cleaning of the valve body and sealing surface prevents dirt accumulation. Promptly tightening loose or leaking connections and regular lubrication of moving parts maintain flexibility.

Brass Ball Valve Installation:

Decisive for Optimal Performance: Proper installation is decisive for brass ball valves performance. Ensuring valve body integrity, using appropriate tools and sealants, following installation steps precisely, and carefully inspecting and adjusting welded joints are essential steps. Post-installation, conducting pressure and manual operation tests ensure optimal performance in fluid control systems.

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brass ball valve
brass ball valve
brass ball valve

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