What are PEX Press Fittings?


In today’s market, there are various types of water pipes, broadly categorized into plastic pipes (made of plastic) and metal pipes (constituting metal products). Among them, thin-walled stainless steel water pipes are one type of metal pipes, typically connected by crimping. But which type of pipe fittings are better? Good pipe fittings ensure higher safety for long-term water supply or other gas and liquid pipelines. Let’s delve into why PEX Press Fittings are the optimal choice.

Definition of PEX Press Fittings

PEX Press and PEX Crimp share some similarities, but they differ significantly in their fitting structures. Press fittings do not require an outer ring (usually coming with a sleeve), whereas crimp fittings do. PEX pressing is applicable to all PEX pipes, including PEX-al-PEX pipes. For a secure connection, you need a special tool, namely a PEX pressing tool.

Principles of PEX Press Fittings

  1. Tensile Strength Principle: The middle part of the crimp fitting is small, but the ends are larger, capable of withstanding tensile forces greater than 3.0 MPa.
  2. Leakage Prevention Principle: The U-shaped groove is equipped with an O-ring seal that radially shrinks and tightly fits, achieving leak-proof sealing instead of blocking water leakage.
  3. Anti-Rotation Principle: A dedicated crimping tool crimps the fitting into a hexagon, preventing rotation during use, which could lead to leaks.

Advantages of PEX Press Fittings

  • Hygiene and Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel water pipes are widely recognized as a healthy and environmentally friendly material, with a lifespan of over 50 years, meeting international drinking water standards in countries such as China, Japan, and Europe.
  • Convenient Installation: Stainless steel fittings adapt to various harsh environments without the need for on-site threading or welding. The installation time is only one-fourth that of galvanized pipe fittings. Whether in narrow pipeline shafts or waterlogged trenches, crimp fittings offer flexible and rapid installation, shortening the construction period and reducing costs.
  • Impact Resistance and Thermal Conductivity: Stainless steel water pipes have double the strength of galvanized steel pipes and triple that of copper pipes, with a higher joint strength. Their thermal conductivity is 1/25 that of copper pipes and 1/4 that of steel pipes, exhibiting slower thermal expansion and contraction characteristics.
  • Material Savings: With a thin-wall structure, stainless steel water pipes weigh only one-third of galvanized pipes, significantly saving materials and reducing product weight, especially suitable for piping in high-rise buildings.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Whether newly installed or used for an extended period, stainless steel water pipes can match the décor environment. The inner walls of the joints are smooth and unobstructed, with the product interface being the same diameter as the water pipe, resulting in minimal water resistance.


PEX Press Fittings stand out as the optimal choice for pipe fittings. They offer the following advantages: Firstly, they provide hygiene and corrosion resistance, complying with international drinking water standards and boasting a lifespan of over 50 years. Secondly, they offer quick installation, requiring no threading or welding, and can adapt to harsh environments. The installation time is only one-fourth that of traditional pipe fittings, thereby shortening the construction period and reducing costs. Additionally, PEX Press Fittings possess high impact resistance and low thermal conductivity, ensuring joint strength and stable thermal expansion and contraction.


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